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Data Solutions Tailored to your Individual Business.

Nexus Data Services provides product aggregation, syndication, storage and analytic services for Manufacturers and their distribution partners.

Streamline Communications with DataEZ

Communication with your channel partners is crucial, and DataEZ will make sure that your Product Data and assets are delivered to all of your dealers correctly and on a regular schedule.  We will help you onboard new products with your dealer network, and make sure that your digital assets are sized and categorized correctly.

One Place for all of your Product Content

Your best product data set shouldn’t be hidden in a hard drive or a corporate silo. Nexus’ DataCloud solution provides one repository storing your best and latest product information, regulatory data and digital assets.  It’s not just that your data will be stored in one place that makes it special, but it’s how it’s stored.  Utilizing the data industries most powerful product enterprise system, DataCloud allows us to store all of your data by product sku, allowing you easy access of all your product data and assets.

Request a custom solution

Tailor a custom program that meets your business needs with our Client Solutions team.